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Exte tu load tensioner

Secure timber transport at the touch of a button

The new air-operated ExTe TU auto tensioner has a sleek symmetrical design, fewer moving parts and is easier to use compared to its predecessor. Simply turn a lever and let the air pressure do all the hard work.

The new TU model auto-tensioner has a wider range of mounting and lashing possibilities, making it even better suited to timber haulage, flat deck, under-floor or special trailer applications.

The TU model features symmetrical design, easy change from left-handed to right-handed operations and, an easy release function. Different strap widths, lengths or even combination with chain can all be accomodated.

Up to 1,000kg of pre-tension on demand. A consistent tension from the first delivery to the last. A driver's strength or effort is not a factor. Difficult cargo such as used pallets, steel and timber packs can be restrained with ease.

  • Adjustable tension force for different cargo - Transporting fragile goods? It is easy to turn things down a notch. ExTe air operated tensioner force can be adjusted using air regulators. One regulator to adjust the whole system or, if necessary, one for each individual tensioner.
  • Symmetrical and modular design - Easily swap from left-handed to right-handed operation, spools to suit long or short straps. 500mm or 75mm width, or even chains.
  • Flexible mounting options - Auto-tensioners can be fixed to the truck or trailer chassis, or underneath the floor. Sliding brackets can be used to suit under-body winch track, in place of manual winches.

A compact tensioner in a new, contemporary design

  • Maintains a neat finish over a long period of time
  • Anodized aluminium chassis
  • Side covers in stainless steel
  • Reflective safety decals

Simple, reliable and very practical

  • Simple and reliable mechanics with few moving parts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to change worn parts
  • Newly developed valve mechanism

Flexible and versatile

  • Bunk of chassis installation
  • Various attachments for flexible installation
  • Drums and disengaging lever can be mounted on the right or left side of the tensioner