• Hose Swivels Indexator K100

Indexator K100 Hose Swivels

Next generation hose swivels

The K100 builds on tried-and-tested technology that eliminates pressure drops, harmful twisting and ruptured hoses but, what makes the K100 unique is the flexible modular design specifically developed for modern hydraulic systems. K100 swivels are ideally suted for applications within forestry, construction, trucks, minng agricultural machines and other highly demanding industrial applications.

With their compact design and reliable bearings, K100 swivels are dimensioned to handle truly tough assignments and high oil flows. Low torque resistance and a unique seal solution contribute to both high performance and long service life.

  • Seal and support ring for high pressure
  • Easy to service
  • New design with powerful slide bearings
  • Secure solution - it cannot be forced apart during work
  • Surface treatment is highly resistant to corrosion and wear
  • Hardened bearing surfaces
  • Withstands high pressure levels
  • Dirt and water-resistant seal protects from outside particles
  • Compact dimensions
  • Optimised design with few parts

A twist of as little as 10 degrees shortens the hose's lifetime by up to 90% - Indexator hose swivels take out that twist.