Focussing exclusively on high quality chain grinders designed for reliability, accuracy and ease of operation, Markusson offer many world leading chain grinding products, from standard machines to the sophisticated Sensomatic. Markusson grinders are able to grind and sharpen even the most damaged of chains requiring heavy grinding cuts without losing chain hardness and quality.

.404 Grinding Stones

Grinding discs for chain sharpeners

Grindomatic V12

Fully automatic grinding machine for sawchains


Fully automatic sharpening machine


Grinds at three different places on the cutting link


Latest automatic chain grinder from Markusson


Semi-automatic chain sharpening

Chain and Bar Grinder

The perfect partner to Markusson chain grinders

Drive Link Grinder

Fast, efficient solution to smooth polishing of chain drive links

Compressed Air Cooling and Cleaning System

Supplied complete with air supply hose, control valve and flexible air nozzle

LED Magnetic Light

Achieve clear illumination of the grinding head

Dust Pipe

Easily extract most of the dust produced during grinding

Diamond Dressing Wheel

Achieve a perfect profile every time

Borazon Discs

Long lasting grinding discs that produce little dust