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Logging Equipment For Industry Professionals

We offer a full range of quality logging products - supplied directly from our warehouse. Our range includes, choker chains and fittings, lifting chains and fittings, tractor tongs, wire rope and fittings, chains and shackles, flat slings and round slings, towing and de-bogging equipment and marking and measuring equipment.

Please choose from the sections below for full information on all our logging products.

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Clark Engineering Logging Choker Chains

Choker Chains & Fittings

Clark Engineering Logging Lifting Chain

Lifting Chains & Fittings

Clark Engineering Logging Wire Rope

Winch Pro Rope, Wire Rope and Fittings

Clark Engineering Logging Shackles and Chains


Clark Engineering Tow Ropes | Towing & DeBogging

Towing and Debogging

Clark Engineering Logging Marking and Measuring

Mark and Measure

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