The performance of a forwarder with the flexibility of a trailer

FaoFar Forwarding Trailers

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Full Description

Offering a range of superior quality forestry timber trailer and crane combination for the professional user, the FaoFar – Cranab system offers purpose built forwarder features and performance in a forwarding trailer.

Manufactured from high strength alloy steel, the FaoFar trailer sets new standards in timber trailer design and construction and, when combined with Cranab timber cranes and timber grapples, FaoFar provides an exceptionally high level of operating performance.

FaoFar Drive Systems 2WD and 4WD Options. FaoFar forestry trailers are available in four wheel drive, two wheel drive and free running. FaoFar employs renowned Black Bruin radial piston drive motors on all driven trailers. These motors provide the ultimate drive system for forestry trailers. Drive happens instantly when engaged however these motors generate no resistance when disengaged, generating no oil movement allowing free wheel driving to 50km/h. Trailers are often used up to 90% of the time without engagement of the drive motors in freewheel mode. Hydraulic supply for the drive motors comes from the Cranab Timber cranes load sensing pump which is driven by the tractor PTO. The whole pump and tank assembly is mounted at the front of the forwarding trailer on the chassis.

Assembled and Installed in Clark Engineering Workshops. All FaoFar forwarding trailer – Cranab timber crane installations are carried out in Clark workshops by Clark engineers. This ensures that the installation is completed to the highest of standards and allows the manufacture of any required mountings or fittings and ensures any hose routings and electrical installations are fully compatible with FaoFar and Cranab. So whether you require a PTO driven trailer or a tractor hydraulic powered free wheeling trailer, a Parker, Danfoss control system, it will be fitted to the highest standard, tested and tuned to your requirements.


FaoFar forwarding trailers feature:

  • Fabricated, High Strength Alloy Steel Chassis Designed for Optimal Clearance
  • Specially Designed Tapered Bogeys Streamlined to Better Slide Over Obstacles and Offer Increased Ground Clearance
  • Load Sensitive, Adjustable Air Brakes Standard On All Trailers (Hydraulic brakes available as an option)
  • Cast Swivel Drawbar
  • Large Contact Area Stabilisers for Greater Stability
  • Contoured Chassis Profile for Maximum Ground Clearance
  • Swing Away Adjustable Bunks
  • Fold In / Fold Out Tail Lights System
  • Extendable Chassis
  • Indexator Rotators & Hose Routing System
  • Crane Lighting System
  • Robust Crane Parking