Massive capacity log carrying grapple, for fitting to high capacity materials handlers

Powerhand DK Series Grapples

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Full Description

Trusted and used by many of Europe’s largest sawmills, the Powerhand DK series log yard grapple is the highest capacity grapple in the Powerhand sawmill range. When large volumes of logs need to be carried, the DK grapple is the perfect tool for the job. One log or many…the intelligent leg design of the DK sawmill grapple allows it to have the dexterity to pinch a single log or bundle a huge mouthful.

Capacity ranges from 1.0m² to 2.1m²

  • The Perfect Load  Grab the perfect load every time and improve your efficiency with Powerhand’s log hugging leg design. There is nothing worse than a jammed or crooked lifted load that leads to a messy pile. Powerhand has taken care of this. The DK log grabs feature legs that have been specifically designed to allow loads to roll up the legs leaving no hollow pockets, where logs could slide from the middle of the load.
  • Built Big. Built Tough  For when large quantities need to be carried. The immense power of the DK series is maximised by the vertical orientation of the powerful hydraulic cylinders which allows for effortless piercing into a log pile. With the harsh nature of high capacity log carrying in a sawmill, the DK is more than able to withstand this environment. The design has evolved over the last 20 years to feature wear resistant and resilient leg structures combined with a tough headstock to give the ultimate high capacity log carrying grapple for large materials handlers. Please let us know your requirements and we will provide full details on the DK series to improve your sawmill log handling efficiencies.
Data Sheet
Dimensions DK13 DK15 DK17 DK21
Capacity 1.3m2 1.5m2 1.7m2 2.1m2
Weight (Excluding Rotator) 1674kg 1720kg 1750kg 1961kg
Jaw Opening A 2567mm 2714mm 2891mm 3188mm
Overall Opening B 2908mm 3070mm 3233mm 3603mm
Open Height C 2113mm 2156mm 2206mm 2288mm
Tip to Tip Height D 2751mm 2836mm 2938mm 3100mm
Min Gripping Diameter E Ø120mm Ø169mm Ø168mm Ø130mm
Max Gripping Diameter
(Tip to Tip)
F Ø1134mm Ø1215mm Ø1308mm Ø1480mm
Overall Width 854mm 854mm 854mm 854mm
Width at Tips 814mm 814mm 814mm 814mm
DK 17 Spec Sheet Drawing