High capacity Hi-Tip buckets - No ramp required!

Powerhand Hi-Tip Buckets

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Full Description

Transport and tip high volumes of light material easily with the HD series. Ideal for sawdust, woodchip, bark and greenwaste. You will never need a loading ramp again.

The Hi-Tip of the HD allows tipping of the load WITHOUT the use of a loading ramp. Increase your productivity and decrease your downtime with the use of a Hi-Tip bucket that is built to thrive in the harsh environment of a sawmill or recycling yard.

Capacity ranges from 4.0m³ to 11.0m³.

  • Tip the load, not the machine  Increased machine stability. The compact undercarriage and pivot point design of the HD bucket keeps the centre of gravity close to the base at all times through the loading and tipping process. You can carry and tip larger loads, without the fear of losing machine stability.
  • Maintain a debris free bucket  Self-cleaning internal design. The HD series dual hydraulic cylinders are positioned in the wings. This means that the centre of the bucket is clear and open, leaving no spaces for material and debris to build up and diminish the volume your bucket can hold.
  • Powerhand HD Series Vision System  See clearer than ever before with the HD series. We know that a clear line of sight from the cab to the load is key to the efficient, effortless use of a Hi-Tip bucket. That is why our HD series are fitted with a clear view mesh top and anti-glare back. The top of the HD series is fitted with one way mesh, allowing the driver to easily see when they have a full load while not allowing any loose material to fall through when the bucket is tipped back. A matte black paint finish is applied to the back of the bucket, preventing glare from headlights when operating at night.
Data Sheet
Dimensions HD40 HD50 HD60 HD70 HD80 HD95 HD110
Capacity (SAE Heaped) 4.0m3 5.0m3 6.0m3 7.0m3 8.0m3 9.5m3 11.0m3
Weight (Standard) 2147kg 2420kg 2685kg 2888kg 2990kg 3126kg 3459kg
Overall Length A 1944mm 2050mm 2180mm 2280mm 2350mm 2420mm 2420mm
Bucket Length B 1565mm 1670mm 1775mm 1860mm 1910mm 1990mm 1990mm
Height C 1620mm 1715mm 1825mm 2100mm 2050mm 2300mm 2300mm
Centre Of Gravity
D 395mm 420mm 440mm 490mm 505mm 523mm 527mm
D1 833mm 880mm 949mm 979mm 995mm 1022mm 996mm
Width (Standard) 2700mm 2750mm 2800mm 3000mm 3000mm 3000mm 3400mm
Maximum load per m3 is 1000kg
HD 70 Spec Sheet Drawing