Our comprehensive range of harvester specific maintenance tools include harvester chain breakers, harvester chain spinners, harvester chain files, harvester bar straighteners, harvester chain grinders and grinding stones; all from the world leading suppliers including, Oregon, Clark and Markusson.

Rivet Spinners

Spin harvester chain rivet heads

Chain Breakers

Sturdy build and ergonomic handle

Clark Harvester Bar Press

Straighten even the most severely bent bars

.404" Harvester Multi Purpose Tool

A handy, multi-purpose maintenance tool

Chain Sharpening File Handles

Wooden and plastic chain sharpening file handles

.404 Grinding Stones

Grinding discs for chain sharpeners

Diamond Dressing Wheel

Achieve a perfect profile every time

Borazon Discs

Long lasting grinding discs that produce little dust

Dressing Stones

Ideal for simple hand dressing

Borazon Stone Dresser

Cleaning stone for CBN wheels