• Grinding Stone Blue Replacement Markusson
  • Grinding Stone 404 Clark Pink

CLARK .404 Grinding Stones

Grinding discs for chain sharpeners

Pink grinding stone

  • Fine grit, long lasting
  • Can burn cutters under heavy cuts
  • Good for polishing and light cuts
  • Manual machines only
  • 22mm i.d. fitting
  • For .404 chain

Blue grinding stone

  • Medium/coarse grit
  • Good working life
  • Superior stone for heavy cuts on damaged cutters without burning
  • Best stone for automatic machines
  • 16mm and 22mm i.d. fitting
  • For .404 chain

Blue discs are superior for automatic grinding machines as well as heavy cuts on damaged cutters, without causing any burning or damage.

22mm i.d. for Oregon machine
16mm i.d. for Markusson machine