• Chain Grinder Sharpener Markusson Combimatic V4

markusson combimatic

Fully automatic sharpening machine

Fully automatic sharpening machine for 3/4", .404", 0.325" and 3/8" saw chains.

  • Chain link counter as standard
  • Individually adjustable speed setting to enable grinding a 3/4" cutting link in one operation, without it turning blue
  • Adjustable depth centering at the grinding head, easily set
  • Very high grinding capacity
  • Simple to use and easy to adjust
  • Grinding angle adjusted between 0° and 35°. Enables easy grinding of sawmill machine chains and depth guage
  • Chain tensioner stretches out the chain and straightens out sticking links in the chain assembly.

Power suppy: 12V DC or 230V AC with converter.

The Markusson product line is built to meet the tough standards of forestry cutting and harvesting. The machines are easy to transport, mount and set up. Our grinders operate on both 12V and 230V which means that they work perfectly in the workshop as well as out in the field.

The machines are fully adjustable in accordance with the size of the cutting link and the length of the sawchains. It takes only a few manual adjustments and then the grinder will operate all by itself. And, thanks to a very efficient construction with few moving parts our grinding machines require minimum maintenance. There is also no need for water cooling which further simplifies operation.

Markusson grinders can cut up to 4mm per tooth and can easily be adjusted to cut as required. This is without any colour change of the cutting link (turning blue) or loss of the hardening quality.