• Tugger Tow Rope Stratos
  • Stratos Tugger Tow Rope

Stratos® Tugger Tow Rope

Extreme performance tow rope technology

Stratos® Tugger Tow Ropes incorporate 'stronger than steel' rope technology, a high tech polyethylene fibre (HMPE), which provides a high strength, light weight abrasion resistant tow rope with a tensile strength 15 times higher than traditional steel ropes.

Light Weight - Around 80% lighter than comparable steel wire ropes making the Tugger Tow Rope very easy to handle and install.

High Strength - 'Stronger than steel' technology provides a tensile strength 15 times higher than traditional steel tow ropes, giving Tugger Tow Ropes a distinct strength advantage over steel rope options.

Abrasion Resistant - Tugger Tow Ropes are highly abrasion resistant thereby offering a long service life.

Ergonomic Working - No risk of injury from protruding steel wires and physical stress and tiredness are vastly reduced due to the light weight and comfortable handling of Tugger Tow Ropes.

Easily Stored - Lightweight and compact and supplied in a canvas bag which allows for easy storage in the cab of a vehicle so it may be used immediately whenever required.