We stock a vast range of refuelling accessories, suitable for the installation and repair of refuelling systems including, flow meters, standard manuel fuel guns, hand operated refuelling pumps, site pumps, barrel pumps, relief valves, hose adaptors, foot valves, suction strainers, refuelling hose and ball and gate valves.

GR 'No Hands' Grease Coupler

Trigger activated grease nipple connection

Precision Grease gun

Lever grease gun for professional use

Pistol Precision Grease Gun

Incorporating a unique variable stroke operation

Flexible Hoses

For use on any standard grease gun

Rigid/Flexible Extension

Flexible or rigid operation

Gun End Connectors

Professional and standard

Advanced Lithium Complex EP2 Grease

High quality, multi-purpose grease

Lithium Graphite Pin & Bush Grease

Designed for heavy-duty applications

PTFE Telescopic Boom Grease

Specially formulated grease for the sliding surfaces of telescopic booms