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Powerhand gt Series

A grapple specifically designed for single log handling

Used and trusted by some of the UK and Europe's largest sawmills, the GT series is the smallest grapple in the Powerhand sawmill range.

The GT is the ideal grab for sorting logs on a line and handling single poles. The GT's narrow finger-like tine design allows piles of stacked materials to be penerated like never before and, with the fast action of grappple's legs, you can keep your log line moving at unprecedented speed. The GT is ideal for sorting misaligned logs.

Capacity ranges from 0.15m² to 0.2m²


Penetrate the log pile to easily pick up a single log

The GT Series boasts a purpose built leg design that allows you to penetrate between logs to grab a single one. The traditional curved shaped legs of log bundling grapple causes the tines to stick on top of adjacent logs when attempting to pick up a single log. That is why the GT series legs are straighter and narrower to provide exceptional single log picking dexterity.

Your grapple will never jam on top of the log pile again.


Like all Powerhand products the GT series is designed and built in house

We know that the only way to guarantee the highest quality products is to control the whole process. That is why the whole design and manufacturing process is completed in our factory in Scotland.

We are never satisfied and are proud to be continually seeking to find ways to improve our concepts and to be at the forefront of manufacturing technology.

For more than 30 years we have developed and refined our attachments in collaboration with many of the industries' leading users, with the aim of providing the ultimate end product and unbeatable customer experience.


World class attachments require world class rotators... that is why we use Indexator rotators to partner our Powerhand attachments.

We think of our attachments as the hand at the end of the machine boom and the rotator as the wrist. For unbeatable performance and minimal downtime, both must be of the highest quality.

Powerhand has developed a close working relationship with Indexator over the last 30 years, who lead the world in rotator design and manufacture the widest range of rotator products. Indexator employ the most advanced design and manufacturing systems with industry leading testing systems to rigorously test components after final assembly. This is done to ensure that the most durable rotators possible are created!

The GT series is fitted with Indexator's GV series rotators as standard.

Final link in the chain

Often an afterthought in 'end of arm' attachment assemblies, the rotator to boom connection link plays a very important role.

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer the whole 'end of arm' package, from attachment to rotator and link. Powerhand offers a range of industrial excavator and material handler links for a wide variety of machines and applications.

Links can be provided as standard, swing dampening, or for fixed mount applications. We can also create a link to your bespoke order. This means that for any machine, for any application, we are able to manufacture a link that meets your specification.