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Powerhand LG Series

Hard wearing, high capacity loader grab

Trusted by many of the UK's and Europe's largest sawmills, the LG series is a high capacity loader grab designed to fit onto wheeled loaders. The compact and strong rear frame design of the LG allows you to maintain high machine stability while carrying high volume loads.

The nature of the work carried out by the loader grab results in high levels of wear and tear from the environment. Therefore, the LG series wear parts are heat treated hardened and easily replaceable to improve the lifespan of your attachments and to decrease downtime in your sawmill.

Capacity ranges from 1.1²m to 3.5²m.

A perfect fit

The Powerhand LG Series can be built to suit your bin width

We recognise that every sawmill is different therefore, our loader grabs can be manufactured to any width so that your brespole LG series boasts the perfect fit to your bins.

All inclusive

Our LG series can be built to suit any machine

We understand that everyone has different preferences for their base machine and that is why we offer our LG series quick hitch or direct mount rear frame to fit the machine of your choice.

Dexterity at its finest

Optional inner leg allows picking of single logs

Whether it is a single log or a full mouthful, you can always achieve a perfect load with the LG series optional inner leg. For too long loader grabs have been incapable of carrying small loads but, by working with some of the largest sawmill's in the UK, we have developed a moving inner leg, allowing a fully enclosed load everytime and no hollow spots where logs can fall out.


Like all Powerhand products the LG series is designed and built in house

We know that the only way to guarantee the highest quality products is to control the whole process. That is why the whole design and manufacturing process is completed in our factory in Scotland.

We are never satisfied and are proud to be continually seeking to find ways to improve our concepts and to be at the forefront of manufacturing technology.

For more than 30 years we have developed and refined our attachments in collaboration with many of the industries' leading users, with the aim of providing the ultimate end product and unbeatable customer experience.