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Powerhand HD Series

High capacity Hi-Tip buckets - No ramp required!

Easily tip and transport high volumes of light materials with the HD series. Ideal for sawdust, woodchip, bark and greenwaste.

You will never need a loading ramp again. The Hi-Tip of the HD allows tipping of the load WITHOUT the use of a loading ramp.

The Hi-Tip bucket is built to thrive in the harsh environment of a sawmill or recycling yard, allowing you to increase your productivity and decrease your downtime.

Capacity ranges from 4.0m³ to 11.0m³.

Tip the load, not the machine

Increased machine stability

The HD bucket has been designed with a compact undercarriage and pivot point design in order to keep its centre of gravity close to the base of the machine during the loading and tipping process. This allows you to carry and tip larger loads, without the fear of losing machine stability.

Maintain a debris free bucket

Self-cleaning internal design

The HD series dual hydraulic cylinders are positioned in the wings. This means that the centre of the bucket is open and clear, leaving no space for material and debris to build up and reduce the volume your bucket can hold.

Powerhand HD Series Vision System

See clearer than ever before with the HD series

We know that a clear line of sight from the cab to the load is key to the efficient, effortless use of a Hi-Tip bucket. That is why our HD series are fitted with a clear view mesh top and anti-glare back.

The top of the HD series is fitted with one way mesh, allowing the driver to easily see when they have a full load, while not allowing any loose material to fall through when the bucket is tipped back.

A matte black paint finish is applied to the back of the bucket, preventing glare from headlights when operating at night.


Like all Powerhand products the HD series is designed and built in house

We know that the only way to guarantee the highest quality products is to control the whole process. That is why the whole design and manufacturing process is completed in our factory in Scotland.

We are never satisfied and are proud to be continually seeking to find ways to improve our concepts and to be at the forefront of manufacturing technology.

For more than 30 years we have developed and refined our attachments in collaboration with many of the industries' leading users, with the aim of providing the ultimate end product and unbeatable customer experience.