Indexator Ab lead the world in hydraulic rotator design, manufacturing the widest range of rotator products and supplying the leading machines and equipment manufacturers worldwide. We are the UK and Ireland distributor for the complete Indexator range. We hold large stock of Indexator rotators and links in our UK warehouse and offer a complete service and technical back up service for all Indexator products.

GV6 Series

Perfect for small truck cranes

GV12 Series

Truck crane and small excavator rotator

GV12S Series

Larger truck crane and medium excavator rotator


Heavy duty rotator for use with small to medium sized harvester heads

GV124S Series

Heavy duty with additional hydraulic functions

GV14S Series

Heavy duty with extra torque


Heavy duty rotator with extra high torque slewing motor

GV17S Series

High torque, high load capacity


The largest AV Series rotator


Heavy duty rotator


Heavy duty rotator with twin brake pack MPB2 high performance swing dampening system


Heavy duty rotator for use on medium sized harvester heads


Heavy duty rotator for grapples and atachments which require the high performance swing dampening of the MPB system


The largest H Series rotator

IR10 Series

Tough application industrial rotator

IR12 Series

Tough industrial rotator extra oil porting


Suitable for use with the largest harvester heads

IR20 Series

The ultimate industrial rotator

IR22 Series

Heavy duty industrial rotator, extra oil porting

XR300 Series

Perfect for medium to large excavators, material handling cranes and equipment

XR400 Series

Best suited to applications involving large excavators and material handling equipment

XR500 Series

Suited to large excavators working in demanding environments

XR600 Series

The largest rotator in the XR range