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Exte D Series

The lightest combination bunks on the market

D-Bunks for all applications
The combination of steel frames and aluminium stakes make the D-series combination the most popular on the market. All the bunks are lightweight relative to their loading capacities.

D-Bunks give hauliers unlimited opportunity to select just the right bunk for the job, from the easily handled four tonne bunks to the robst and extremely heavy-duty 12 tonne variants. Low weight means easier handling, greater loading capacity and improved profitability. Available with telescopic or one-piece stakes.

D Series weld on sockets

Weld-on sockets are available for platform bodied vehicles, where stakes are to be fitted. The sockets are manufactured from steel and in the same quality as the sockets in the bolster frames. The material is heat treated and well suited for welding without the need for preheating.

The most advanced timber transport system

Unique ExTe telescopic stake looking mechanism