• Forest Machine Tracks Terra Clark

Clark Tracks Terra 'Lite'

Terra 'Lite' tracks feature a unique double grouzer track plate offering exceptional grip and traction in most ground conditions, which combined with the 'lite' link system, offer a high performance track with smooth running and minimal ground disturbance.

'Lite' System Tracks

This system features side mounted joining links which are positioned at approximately the same level as the tyre surface providing a smoother running track which absorbs much less machine driving power. The track is held onto the tyres by a system of side paws which also offer tyre side wall protection. These features combine to offer a range of tracks which are both kind to the forest floor and forest roads whilst offering excellent grip, traction and flotation.

Clark Tracks

Clark Tracks offer world leading track technology for forest machines with track models suitable for all machine types and sizes and all ground conditions. Clark Tracks are manufactured from special boron alloy steel by advanced manufacturing processes to ensure superior quality.

Track Selection Guide

In order to make track selection easier, we have developed a star rating based upon traction and flotation performance relative to other tracks in our range.