High performance urea spray pump for harvesters

Clark Jet Spray Urea Pump

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Full Description

The Clark high performance Jet Spray Urea system for harvesters can be operated by servo or pump pressure up to 100 Bar and can be used with stump spray or through the bar systems. The high pressure spray provides a good stump coverage. The unique base design allows the pump to be mounted at the most convenient position and can be removed and dismantled easily for servicing. All parts that are in contact with urea are manufactured from stainless steel and bronze. The nozzle check valve prevents fluid escape when not in use. Standard pump has a 0.5 litre capacity and other sizes and capacities can be manufactured to order. The pump can be supplied as pump only or supplied as a kit complete with two stainless steel operating ball check valves, one bronze spray nozzle, stainless steel check valve, filter, stand and clamps.