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ExTe TU System

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Full Description

The air-operated ExTe TU auto-tensioner automatically tensions loads on timber trucks, keeping the stack tight even when the load settles.

The sleek symmetrical design and few moving parts makes the TU auto tensioner very easy to use. By simply turning a lever, the air pressure does all the hard work.

The TU model features symmetrical design, easy change from left-handed to right-handed operations and, an easy release function. Different strap widths, lengths or even combination with chain can all be accommodated.

Contact our sales team to find out how the ExTe TU auto-tensioner can benefit your timber haulage loading.

  • Up to 1,000kg of pre-tension on demand.
  • A consistent tension from the first delivery to the last.
  • A driver’s strength or effort is not a factor.
  • Difficult cargo such as used pallets, steel and timber packs can be restrained with ease.