Direct current oil transfer pump delivering 10 litres per minute

Hydraulic Oil Transfer Pump 24 volt

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The Piusi direct current oil transfer pump is suitable for workshops with demanding work paces and can transfer and dispense oil to the tanks of vehicles quickly and safely.

Designed for applications where it is necessary to transfer oil from drums, where there is no connection to the power line or compressed air system, Viscomat DC can be applied to drums, IBC tanks or installed in kits for oil transfer.

With a flow rate of up to 10 l/min and a pressure of up to 5 bar, the Piusi oil transfer pump provides a clean and safe transfer of medium to low viscosity oils, up to 2000 cSt. Its continuous cycle operation guarantees up to 30 minutes of operation.

Lube oil is characterized by a higher viscosity and needs to be transferred by a reliable and safe oil transfer pump. The Piusi gear oil pump is capable of supporting a thick oil with any working lock. To ensure greater reliability, a gear rotor has been adopted instead of a vane one to ensure a greater resistance in the transfer phase.