New generation for use on forwarders and timber trucks

Indexator G141 Rotators

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Full Description

Indexator’s G series rotators are part of a new product generation, bringing a perfect rotator solution to modern and efficient forestry.

Durable, powerful and with top-level performance, Indexator G series rotators are purpose-built for Indexator’s specially-developed MPB swing dampers.

The G141 rotator is ideal for forwarders, timber trucks and material handling that stipulate high levels of functionality and performance. Together with an MPB swing damper, the end result is an extremely efficient solution.

G141 rotator series has an extremely robust upper mounting with an extremely high turning torque in relation to weight and build height, which combined with an MPB swing damper is an extremely efficient solution.

10 tonne lifting capacity.

Indexator G141 Hydraulic Rotator
Technical Data G141
Rotation Continuous
Weight 57kg
Max Axial Load Static 100kN
Max Axial Load Dynamic 50kN
Torque at 25MPa (3625psi) 3300Nm
Recommended Oilflow 35 l/min
indexator G141 diagram