Fully automated chain sharpener designed for heavier 3/4 in pitch chains

Markusson Combimatic

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Full Description

Markusson’s Combimatic is a fully automatic sharpening machine for 3/4″, .404″, 0.325″ and 3/8″ saw chains, that is supplied with a chain link counter as standard.

Individually adjustable speed setting to enable grinding a 3/4″ cutting link in one operation, without it turning blue.

Adjustable depth centring at the grinding head, easily set.

Very high grinding capacity.

Simple to use and easy to adjust.

Grinding angle adjusted between 0? and 35?.

Enables easy grinding of sawmill machine chains and depth gauge.

Chain tensioner stretches out the chain and straightens out sticking links in the chain assembly.

Power supply: 12V DC or 230V AC with converter.

For full details and assistance with Combimatic chain sharpening machines, please contact our sales team.


Grinding motor
Voltage: 12 Volt DC
Rotation speed: 2800 r/min
Peripheral speed: 22 m/s
Power: 90 Watt
Current: 7,5 A
Grinding wheel: 150x4x16 mm
Overcurrent protection: Automatic fuse, ptc type
Machine weight 15,9 kg (without stand)
Machine dimensions: L475mm x D140mm x H395mm (Without stand)
Stand dimensions: L400mm x D460mmm x H1070mm
Power Supply: 12V DC or 230V AC with convertor