Oregon 18HX 100 feet reel of .404" harvester saw chain for making up your own chain loops

Oregon 18HX100R 100 ft Reel Harvester Chain

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Full Description

Oregon harvester chain is optimised to increase the cutting proficiency of your firewood processor and reduce operator downtime.  Being equipped with added precautionary features and rugged chain cutters, Oregon chain delivers a secure and reliable cutting performance for any firewood processor application, in any capacity.

18HX Oregon harvester chain has been tried and tested and used by the very best professionals in the forest industry for decades. By choosing Oregon .404″ pitch cutting systems, you are assured endurance and unmatched ability to keep up with the extreme torque and RPMs generated on modern equipment.

Available in 100ft reels to allow you to make up your own chains or in 100 drive link loops.