Keep your harvester operating at optimal performance with Oregon drive sprockets for .404 saw chain

Oregon Harvester Drive Sprockets .404″ Type C

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Full Description

Oregon drive sprockets are manufactured from high-strength alloy steel, the .404″ sprockets are engineered to reduce chain stretch and improve debris ejection to increase longevity of your bar and chain. Type C drive sprockets have a 25mm i.d. and a single key way drive-shaft style.

Oregon Type C Sprocket (ø 25mm)
Number of Teeth Product Code
10 OR-C10-404
11 OR-C11-404
12 OR-C12-404
13 OR-C13-404
14 OR-C14-404
15 OR-C15-404
16 OR-C16-404
17 OR-C17-404