For Indexator S-type rotators with brake damping

Clark S-Type One Way Swing Damper Links

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Full Description

The rotator to boom connection link plays a very important role and we are proud to offer the whole ‘end of arm’ package. From attachment, to rotator and link. Clark offers a range of industrial excavator and material handler links for a wide array of machines and applications. Links are available as standard, swing dampening or for fix mount applications. Clark also offer the service of creating a link to your bespoke order. For any machine, for any application, we can manufacture a link to your specification. The S-type one way swing damper link incorporates braked damping that has the effect of reducing the swing oscillation of attachments, bringing them to rest very quickly which not only speeds up operating but also helps reduce stress on crane booms and components. Upper dimensions made to fit excavator boom sizes. Lower width 100mm.