Excavator attached cutting blades for safe and efficient removal of vegetation

Excavator Brush Cutters

Full Description

MenSe Excavator Brush Cutters are used for the safe and efficient removal of vegetation and can be installed to the quick coupler on a wide range of equipment.  The cutters feature two reciprocating cutting blades that move in a scissoring motion that provide efficient cutting and sawing.  The MenSe RP brush cutters are a perfect attachment for trimming hedgerows, trees and shrubs neatly and cleanly both horizontally and vertically.

Typical applications of use are for clearing power lines, railway and roadsides, sapling stands and green areas. They are ideal for cutting away branches from trees that are interfering with traffic along the edges of roads and streets. The cutting action of MenSe cutters does not result in debris being thrown around and does not therefore pose a danger to traffic. The cutters also allow controlled trimming of tree branches growing next to power lines without debris ending up on the wires. The cutter roughens up the cut surfaces, which slows down re-sprouting. If the cutter runs into an obstacle, it stops automatically, preventing breakage.

The largest cutter model, the RP10L, weighs 520 kg with a working width of 2.4 m. The MenSe RP10L model is suitable for 15–20 tonne agricultural and plant machinery. The cutter can be used with any agricultural, construction and landscaping machinery.

The smallest model, the MenSe RP4L, weighs only 90 kg, with a working width of 130 cm. Low oil consumption (20 l/min) allows the cutters to work with lightweight agricultural and plant machinery.

The cutter blades are manufactured from 500 HB abrasion resistant steel making them very durable with virtually no need to sharpen the blades.  If necessary, sharpening them is simple with a hand-held grinder.

MenSe Excavator Brush Cutters are delivered with an adapter specified by the customer.  Can also be fitted with an additional extension boom: the cutter blade extends further from the boom and has better reach behind obstacles. The extension boom can also be used as an aid when moving the machine. Booms are available for the most common quick coupler models.

For more information on our range of MenSe Excavator Brush Cutters and Accessories, please contact our sales team.

Weight 90 kg 160 kg 305 kg 520 kg
Working Width 130 cm 150 cm 190 cm 240 cm
Max cutting diameter:
– Single cut 4 cm 6 cm 8 cm 10 cm
– Sawing 5 cm 10 cm 15 cm 15 cm
Required Oil Flow 20 l/min 35-45 l/min 80-100 l/min 130-150 l/min
Working Pressure 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar
Suitable for Base Machines 2 tonnes 5-13 tonnes 8-15 tonnes 15-20 tonnes