End of boom attachment for sensitive removal of aquatic vegetation

Weed Cutting Bucket

Full Description

The MenSe NK 7 weed cutting bucket is a durable and sturdy attachment that has been specially designed for cutting and collecting vegetation without removing soil or damaging the ecosystem in waterways.  Applications include easy clearance and gathering of thickets and brushwood and digging or dredging of waterways providing a very effective tool in the sensitive restoration of ditches and other water bodies.

The 2.5m wide bucket is easily mountable without specialist knowledge onto excavators or a mowing boom of a tractor and can be used in many environments including fields, roadsides, ditches, beaches, dams and settling basins and other waterways where vegetation build up is problematic.

The strong Hardox steel blades of the MenSe NK are powered by an automatically redirecting hydraulic current cylinder ensuring excellent reliability, producing a constant and high cutting force with an impact rate of up to 300 beats per minute for the entire duration of the movement. The durable blade is capable of cutting thickets, brushwood and rhizomes up to 7 cm in diameter.

For further information on how the MenSe weed cutting bucket can enhance your vegetation clearance projects, please contact our sales team.


Working fast without damaging the ecosystem

With a MenSe weed cutting bucket, aquatic plants can be removed from a lake, a river, or the sea. The ecosystem on the waterway’s bottom stays intact when the bottom is not dredged and plants are not removed with their roots. The Hardox cutting blades’ durable steel allows you to work even in difficult locations.

Benefits of working with a weed cutting bucket, typically only the vegetation in the water is removed

Using a MenSe weed cutting bucket is a faster approach than, for example, digging a ditch in the traditional manner. The work is relatively light because the water flows out of the bucket. Ditches do not need to be expanded, and this results in savings in both working time and costs. The edges of the ditches remain intact because only the vegetation is cut and the ditch edges are not broken. In many locations, the ditches appear to be dry at first glance. However, once the vegetation is cut and removed, the water starts to flow immediately in the ditch.

Effective water flow has positive effects on soil structure, nutrient content, and yield

As floods become more frequent, the condition of main ditches becomes even more important. When water management is in order, soil compaction can be avoided and even the machinery runs better.

Width 2.5m
Cutting Diameter 70mm
1/2″ G (BSP) 2 pcs
Required oil flow 70 l/min (max)
Pressure ~200 bar (max)
Minimum size of base machine ~8 tonnes
Weight 450kg