A mobile workshop in the forest

G-Box Workshop

Full Description

Secure storage of tools, oils and equipment in the forest.

Available in two sizes with various options, the G-BOX? Workshop offers a convenient and secure on site tool store and workshop facility.

Capable of holding and transporting equipment ranging from small parts and tools to major items, the workshop is an essential resource for on site maintenance and secure storage.

Our team would be pleased to discuss your in-forest workshop requirements.

G-Box Workshop Product Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Workshop Height (mm) Weight Empty (kg)
G-Box Workshop with Grab Bar 2.0m CGBW-GB20 2090 1540 1980 886
G-BOX Workshop
with Grab Bar 2.5m
CGBW-GB25 2590 1540 1980 980
G-BOX Workshop
with Lfting Eyes 2.0m
CGBW-LE20 2090 1540 1980 675
G-BOX Workshop
with Lfting Eyes 2.5m
CGBW-LE25 2590 1540 1980 735