Innovative timber weigh system

Tamtron One Timber

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Full Description

The Tamtron One Timber Scale offers wireless data transfer with no cables or hoses down the boom.

Tamtron One combines the innovative features of the new ‘One’ display and the new generation strain gauge weighing link to produce a product boasting weighing results with an accuracy of 1-2% of total load.

This low maintenance system has a robust design which is suitable for working in the harshest of environments and is not affected by the operators loading style. Information is transferred from the strain gauge link on the crane tip to the ‘One’ instrument mounted near to the operator by wireless data transfer. This eliminates the need for additional cables and hydraulic hoses mounted to the crane boom as well as measurements being affected by temperature change.

In conjunction with the introduction of the Tamtron One system, material and truck movements can be monitored remotely 24 hours per day through the Tamtron ‘One’ cloud service. The Tamtron Cloud can be accessed using the Tamtron One mobile app.